Sunday, April 10, 2011

krisna hindu

by: Vijay Kumar

Lord Krishna is to a spiritual seeker what God is to a normal human being. Lord Sri Krishna is the culmination of all things spiritual. Lord Krishna is the end of the spiritual journey itself.

Sri Krishna an avatar of the era (Almighty God manifest in human form) came about 3600 years before. The coming of Sri Krishna was laden with a great responsibility. He upheld Dharma at a stage of time when the society was at its lowest ebb.

Adharma was prevalent all over. King Duryodhana had announced an exile of 14 years for the Pandava kings. It was practically a banishment of the Pandavas from the kingdom with the hope that the whole kingdom could be usurped by King Duryodhana himself.

The Pandavas were the rightful owners of the throne and Justice was denied to them. It was only Sri Krishna who could have set the system in order. The sooner Pandavas returned from the exile... Lord Sri Krishna exhorted the Pandavas to fight back King Duryodhana. No further exile... no further banishment!

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